Agency bookers: the models and hostesses’ best friends.

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Some girls seem to underestimate the importance of the booker’s figure, but these professionals are the ones in charge of models and hostesses career. In this article we will see which the main tasks of a booker are and how they actually help models and hostesses to rock their profession, providing them with the best advice!

Do’s and Don’ts while working as event hostess in Paris.

Every kind of job requires a certain type of “etiquette”, and the event hostess job In Paris is no exception. Don’t miss this article to find out all the unwritten rules, regarding a professional hostess behaviour. From the right posture to the make-up you’d better avoid; everything you need to know to rock your event hostess job in the capital of glamour.


The perception to earn more money by rising your fee as a hostess is completely false. Even if you ask for slightly higher budgets, compared to your competitors, this little extra- amount will cost you the loss of many jobs and - as a direct consequence – of greater gains. This is going to sound crazy, but asking for less is the way to gain more.
Why being a hostess in Milan seems to be the most dangerous occupation ever!


As we have already mentioned, being a hostess in Milan could be a great opportunity, which can give much satisfaction, but here’s the thing. It looks like dark forces constantly threaten the existence of those girls who choose to engage this kind of activity and no agency in the whole world has managed to explain the phenomenon yet.
The trade event glossary for hostesses and companies.


Communication is fundamental in every field and today we are going to learn the basic vocabulary, related to trade fairs. This article will reveal you the meaning of the essential words you must know to manage everything the best way before, during and after your event. From A to Z, presents the first trade event basic glossary.